Biden Emerges for 23 Minute Speech, Doesn’t Take Questions

 Biden Emerges for 23 Minute Speech, Doesn’t Take Questions

The presumptive Democratic Party nominee for President emerged from his Wilmington, DE basement hideout for 23 minutes Tuesday, reading a mundane speech off a tele-prompter before being whisked away, back out of public view.

From Delaware State News:

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday pushed for a early childhood educator and caregiving workforce built to reduce family financial stress that existed even before the nation’s COVID-19 pandemic arrived.

“If we truly want to reward work in this country, we have to ease the financial burden of care that families are carrying,” according to Mr. Biden’s remarks.

“And we have to elevate the compensation, benefits and dignity of caregiving workers and early childhood educators.”

The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate nominee spoke for 23 minutes at the Colwyck Training Center in New Castle, site of the Colonial Early Education Program.

Describing them as doing “God’s work,” Mr. Biden proposed enhancing benefits for caregivers and early childhood educators through more affordable health insurance, a path to unionization and collective bargaining.

Biden gave a nod to union employees, many of whom feel left behind by his party in the state of Delaware.

The Democrats, especially in Delaware, long ago left the American worker behind in favor of their social justice agenda.

After a brief attempt to atone for that potentially mortal sin, Biden was escorted out of the venue, and presumably back to his basement bunker.

Randal Graves

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