Biden Plays to 19 in YouTube Livestream

 Biden Plays to 19 in YouTube Livestream

In case you’d forgotten, Joe Biden is a presidential candidate.

He hasn’t been out of his house much this year.

Lucky for him, a pandemic struck just as he was going to be forced to speak in public across America without getting loopy and fumbling his words.

So, Delaware’s finest has been banished to the basement of his Wilmington home, an even by Democrat standards, enthusiasm is low.

Yesterday, a grand total of 19 people tuned in to watch his YouTube livestream:

This is a big country. (So big, Hillary Clinton forgot Wisconsin existed in 2016!)

Of its 330 million citizens and 30+ million non-citizens, Biden managed to capture the attention of only 19 of them.

So hats off to Lunch Pale Joe. He’s reached nursing home “I Love Lucy” rerun levels of disinteresting.

It’s a truly amazing feat.

Randal Graves

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