Carney Pens Op-Ed Asking for Re-Election

 Carney Pens Op-Ed Asking for Re-Election

Gov. John Carney, known best for putting you on never-ending House Arrest over a flu with a 99.997% survival rate, made his plea for re-election in a Wednesday op-ed.

Carney was published in the state’s favorite litter box liner, Delaware News-Journal, an outlet that’s friendly towards only Democrats and the Communist Chinese, but I repeat myself.

“Since day 1, we’ve relied on the science in response to COVID-19. Delawareans and Delaware businesses have made considerable sacrifices, and have taken basic precautions to keep their family, friends and neighbors healthy,” he wrote.

This blogger doesn’t recall “the science” dictating that we had to close our churches indefinitely, shredding the First Amendment. I do recall the period of time when “the science” said not buy masks because they didn’t work, and then a time after that when “the science” forcibly ordered us to wear masks or face our imminent death.

At first, “the science” said we had to stay indoors for fear of catching COVID while walking in the park alone, or swimming in the ocean by ourselves. Now, “the science” says we can go to restaurants, but that we have to wear masks while waiting to be seated. Apparently, though, “the science” says that as soon as you’re seated, you’re immune to COVID.

All of this makes no sense at all a ton of sense to normal people.

For thinking people who (likely don’t read The News-Journal) might not be sold on the Governor’s shoddy science, he fell back into his comfort zone: race-baiting.

“On issues of racial justice, we haven’t waited to take action. We have already taken steps administratively and with our partners in the General Assembly to move forward productively. That work will continue. The legacy of Rep. John Lewis should motivate all of us to make real progress,” he said.

That’s certainly right.

He wasted no time supporting violent rioters who caused millions in property damage in Wilmington over the death of a career felon in Minnesota.

Neither did Sen. Chris Coons (D), by the way:

There’s no reason to vote for any Democrats, especially Carney, this November. Even many “Republicans” (who often act like Democrats) deserve the boot.

Anyway I’m tired of typing now, and since this is my blog, that’s the end of this post.

Randal Graves

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