The Delaware GOP Sucks

 The Delaware GOP Sucks

Before I continue writing mean things about Democrats, I want to let my fine (and very sharp) audience know that I’m not really fond of the Delaware GOP, either.

Look at those geriatric clowns in the header photo.

Those are your 2020 GOP nominees for office. I don’t know everything about all of them, but I do know this: they look like a raggedy bunch of mouth-breathers, and I wouldn’t trust any of them to sell me a used car, never mind represent my interests in elected office.

Inasmuch as they’ll support the “America First” nationalism agenda – lowering immigration levels, bringing businesses back to the United States, not getting raped by foreign superpowers like China, preserving our beautiful history and culture, and supporting Christianity – I support them.

Inasmuch as they’ll support selling American workers down the river at the behest of their Big Business donors, sucking up to leftists in futile attempts to avoid being called “racist,” or generally capitulating to the political left at every turn, I hate them.

The problem with the Delaware GOP, (and I suspect this is a problem elsewhere, too) is that they do a lot more of the latter than the former.

The question the GOP endlessly seeks to answer is this: how can we please the Democrats today?

They view it as imperative to seek approval from people who will always hate them so they won’t be called mean names in far-left, corporate owned media outlets who are paid to hate them professionally. .

Jane Brady is the leader of the mouth-breathers.

This blogger has met Jane a few times, and there’s nothing even remotely compelling about her.

I don’t get the sense that she has my best interest in mind, or the best interest of my children. That’s to say, I don’t get the sense that she’ll fight for me in any meaningful way. I don’t get the sense that she’s even thought about the future of America – about leaving a more prosperous nation for future generations.

That used to be the ultimate question for public servants.

Will America be better when I’m gone, or will my children and grandchildren suffer because of the choices I’ve made?

I do get the sense that Jane Brady, like many in the GOP, is a faux-intellectual who brags about her academic credentials at dinner parties.

That’s all well and good for professors seeking tenure, but how will it help preserve traditional values for future generations?

Where is fight in the people we’ve elected to fight for us?

If the barometer for success is whether our children will have a brighter future, the Delaware GOP sucks. It’s an abject failure. It’s careening us towards a dystopian hell in which our culture will be centered around state-mandated Drag Queen Story Hours at the behest of President Bezos and the corporate plutocracy. Church will be fond memory. So will peaceful communities, free from destructive Communist trust fund babies and their riled up friends in the POC brigade.

I don’t expect these nominees will do much to quell my concerns, but hey, the bar is low. Maybe they’ll accidentally support a policy position that will help ordinary Americans in some circuitous way. That will be a day of celebration.

Randal Graves

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