Lawyer or Liar? Senate Candidate Is Not A Practicing Attorney (Part I)

 Lawyer or Liar? Senate Candidate Is Not A Practicing Attorney (Part I)

Many of you were befuddled when the Delaware GOP, in all of its wisdom, selected a guy called Jim DeMartino to be its nominee for U.S. Senate primary.

So was I.

I hadn’t heard of the guy.

I had seen his opponent, Lauren Witzke, actually campaigning. So whatever her shortcomings might be in the eyes of the DEGOP, it seems they should have endorsed the campaigning candidate, instead the one sitting at home with his thumb up his hind parts. I’m no expert, but meeting voters is generally part of the job description.

All that to say, I became curious about Jim DeMartino, and it turns out (shocking nobody) the GOP picked a total loser.

Worse, he’s a total loser who is hiding a big secret from the voters: despite his claims to the contrary, he’s not a barred or practicing attorney in the state of Delaware.

Jim DeMartino describes himself as a “practicing lawyer, who often represents many of the less fortunate among us” on his website. He also claims that his “core values” include “integrity and honor that guides him throughout his life.”

Except, apparently, when it comes to telling Delaware’s voters what he actually does for a living. (More on that in Part II).

I had a feeling Jim wasn’t a lawyer. I have the unfortunate displeasure of knowing a lot of lawyers around these parts. Alas, I did my journalistic duty of calling the State Supreme Court to be certain.

“He’s not in our database,” said Liz, a very nice representative who answered the phone in the Delaware Supreme Court Clerk’s Office.

Still, DeMartino’s Avvo profile, used by potential clients to search for attorneys in their geographical area, says he works in Lewes, DE.

So DeMartino doesn’t practice the law. (Great work on the endorsement, as always, DEGOP!)

But what does he do? Well, it’s actually more embarrassing than you might think.

But you’ll have to check back with Delaware Insider for more on this later, because right now I’m tired of typing, and it’s very close to 5 o’clock on a Friday.

Randal Graves

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