Someone Wrote Something Worth Reading in Delaware State News

 Someone Wrote Something Worth Reading in Delaware State News

For the first time in the history of Delaware and news, the Delaware State News published a cogent opinion piece from one of its readers.

Now I know what you’re thinking: who reads the Delaware State News anymore?

Apparently, Frank Daniels from Dover.

Frank Daniels solidified himself as the best conservative writer in the state of Delaware (way better than Frank Knotts, whom many of you know as “that guy behind Delaware Right who is wrong about everything,” but whom I simply call “looming doofus”).

Anyways, Frank Daniels’ piece was commentary on Black Lives Matter, and aside from exposing the group for its alleged donations to the DNC and its open call to destroy the nuclear family, it had this endearing chestnut, about the deaths caused by BLM:

If Black lives truly mattered to BLM supporters, where is the outrage at the murder of the two Black men in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone in Seattle, the murder of a 1-year-old in Brooklyn, New York, and the countless number of other Black deaths since the death of George Floyd? BLM and its supporters used the death of George Floyd as a springboard to set this nation on fire. My guess is that within 24 hours of Mr. Floyd being put in the ground, he was a forgotten man. The city of Portland, Oregon, is currently in the midst of a truly dangerous situation, but the Democrat mayor and Democrat governor blame the federal police for being the catalyst of the riots for the past 50 days and want them out.

I don’t think anyone has tallied up the deaths caused by Black Lives Matter during the George Floyd riots, but Frank Daniels is at least trying to have the conversation.

And, credit where it’s due, Delaware State News published the piece.

It takes guts to criticize the BLM mob and attach your name it it. Hats off to all involved.

Randal Graves

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