Hilarious: Delaware’s (White) BLM Ringleader Kicked Out of Group For Not Being Black

 Hilarious: Delaware’s (White) BLM Ringleader Kicked Out of Group For Not Being Black

I’m not normally one to laugh at the misfortunes of others. Actually, that’s a lie. I do it all the time, and today is no different.

If you pay attention to Delaware politics, you might have run into a character called Kristina Kelly on Facebook.

I don’t know Kristina, and I don’t want to know her because I run in civilized circles.

But I do know that Kristina is a Grade A moron who has been whipping up anti-police hatred on behalf of the corporate-sponsored Black Lives Matter “revolution.” (Side note: if every major institution in the entire country, from media to academia to Wall Street, backs your “revolution,” you’re probably not a revolutionary. You’re just being used.)

Here’s where the story gets funny.

Kristina learned a few days ago no matter how much you try to be an “ally” for the sake of political correctness, no matter how much you work to atone for your “white privilege,” no matter how much you virtue signal on behalf of the mob, tribalism always wins in the end.

And she learned the hard way.

She posted the following rant on Facebook about how Black Lives Matter kicked her out of their movement because she is white, despite all the work she’s done on their behalf:

Sorry Kristina, them’s the breaks.

Remember, if you consider yourself to be an “ally,” that still doesn’t mean the mob is your friend. The mob will use you until you’re no longer useful, then it will come for you just like it comes for everyone else.

Kristina is simply the latest example.

Randal Graves

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